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    & Ethical

    Phineas supply innovative solutions for footwear using recycled materials wherever possible.

    As the world’s leading footwear hanger supplier, taking responsibility for the world around us is vital.

    Don’t leave the planet hanging

    We actively work with retailers to help them specify recycled material and implement a sustainable system. Just because a business is large-scale, doesn’t mean the cost to the environment has to be too.


    Say hello to Smiley,
    the Phineas mascot.

    You’ll see this face popping up quite frequently, that’s because Smiley honours our goal of creating 100% recycled material, and 100% recyclable products. Eco value is part of our business DNA, just like Smiley. So when you see our mascot, you can smile in knowing these products are environmentally friendly.

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    Supply chain &
    ethical approach

    Quick & ease of supply

    With sales offices in the UK and Hong Kong and manufacturing bases in the UK and China, we can deliver to most global centres quickly and easily and do our best to minimise CO2 impact.


    As part of our Sedex Management membership we adhere to Health & Safety, Labour Management, Hazardous Materials, Employment Standards and Risk Assessment standards.

    Keeping you informed

    Our low cost global logistics network tracks deliveries and is supported by our supply chain service levels. We ensure that our clients are informed every step of the way.

    Anti-counterfeit measures

    We have a robust system in place to help implement material and ethical compliance at every stage of the supply chain and support retailers with reducing counterfeit products to optimise their footwear presentation.

    Phineas Product Image
    Phineas Product Image


    Just like keeping shoes off shelves, we like to keep our own footprint off the environment.

    We work with our clients to reduce their environmental impact, and carbon footprint, by monitoring CO2 emissions throughout the hanger buying process.

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